Finding Your Voice

One of the most frequently misunderstood and difficult to explain artistic concepts is ‘Voice’.

You’ll see it discussed in almost every artistic guide ever published.

What is Voice? and How do you develop Voice?


What is Voice?

Your Voice is the unique way that you communicate with others. It’s that simple.

From the day you were born you’ve been developing your Voice. Every experience in your life, from the most outrageous to the most banal, gets filed into your subconscious and shapes the way you see the world.

A point of view that’s unique to you.

There isn’t anyone else on this planet, absolutely no one, who will experience the world exactly the way you do.

And that’s powerful.

It’s powerful because you are hardwired by life itself to have something special – Your Point of View.

And people want to know how YOU see things. Whether it’s through writing, photography, film, sculpture, painting, or whatever. Any form of self expression contains your Voice.

And with every piece of work you finish, your Voice grows stronger.

Which leads us to…


How Do I Develop My Voice

What a loaded question!

Many beginning artists struggle with this question, and for good reason. It’s frequently thrown in our face.

So, what exercises help develop your Voice?

Well, here’s a secret: You DO NOT have to WORK at it.

Yes, you read that right. There are no esoteric or Zen practices or metaphysical revelations to be figured out when it comes to Voice.

But it does take commitment.

You said it doesn’t take work. Aren’t you contradicting yourself?

Not at all. When I say commitment, I mean developing a habit of practicing your art and the commitment to finishing it.

With every piece you finish, your Voice grows in power. It develops naturally.

If you’re just starting out, your Voice may not come through as clearly as you’d like. Sometimes it may not seem like it’s there at all, but it is.

Your Voice is finding its way, and every finished piece of work is a guide.

What you’re really doing is strengthening your Voice. You already have it, and it’s already unique, but it may be lacking in strength and clarity.

So don’t worry about ‘developing’ or ‘finding’ your Voice. Just crank out as much work as you can, and your Voice will find its way.


The Bottom Line

You don’t have to find your Voice, you already have one.

Finish your work, and your Voice will grow stronger.

So, just keep working and be comforted knowing the work will guide you, and your Voice will strengthen naturally – the way it was meant to be.

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