Writing is NOT Magic

If you wait for the magic to come to you, you’ll never write anything.

Writing is action.

It’s doing.

If there’s a New Year’s resolution you should make regarding your writing, it’s to think less and write more.

Accomplished writer’s aren’t more talented than you, more connected than you, more motivated than you, or more creative than you.

You want to know what separates them from you?

They write more than you.

That’s it.

Don’t kid yourself, they’re surfing the web, drinking scotch, watching YouTube videos, trying out new software, fiddling with their iPad, cleaning their house, mowing their lawn, staring at their ceiling…

They’re doing everything you do to procrastinate and avoid doing the work.

But dutifully, willfully, pragmatically – they do the work.

In another post, my brother wrote a confession that he is a bad writer.

We’re all bad writers from time to time.

For me, the trap is waiting for the magic to happen inside my head.

I want the words to flow onto the page with the ease they flow through my thoughts.

The trouble is that can be days or weeks between those moments.

And it’s not because those moments aren’t happening more frequently than that, but because I’m not writing, I’m waiting.

And when I’m waiting, I’m doing everything but writing.

So, like a lot you out there, I’ve been writing for several years with infrequent success and strong together with long periods of hopeful daydreaming.

But I can’t sit waiting for the magic to come to me.

I have to just WRITE.

NOTE: The featured image for this post was produced by Kate (midnightmind). You can view more of her work here.

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